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The Pool Specialists have a reputation for exceeding customer’s expectations throughout the life of their in-ground swimming pool. Our dedication to customer service does not end once the pool is built. Our service department helps clean and maintain the beauty of their pool weekly or bi-weekly, so more time is spent enjoying their investment and less time worrying about it.

Pool service is integral to the function and longevity of your in-ground swimming pool. Pool Specialists has been maintaining in-ground concrete swimming pools and spas since 1989 and has grown into a leading service company in St. Louis. We service approximately 600 pools annually. Offering a variety of services, we design a custom fit maintenance plan to provide the comprehensive care your pool needs.

We also offer opening services and brave the cold for you with our winter maintenance service.  Below you will find more details about our service options.

Types of Pool Services Offered

About Our Pool Services

The Pool Specialists is committed to helping you maintain and service your custom designed pool. We have proudly become experts in every aspect of custom swimming pools.  Offering a variety of services, we provide a maintenance and service plan that covers all your pool needs.

Full Maintenance Opening:
– Removal of pool cover

– Empty and clean water tubes
– Clean pool deck and pump area
– Set up both pool-side equipment and main equipment
– Start pool once prep work is complete
– Vacuum pool
– Make recommendations for any necessary repairs

Additional Pool Opening Options:
Pool Opening w/o Pool Cleaning

We are offering this service for those customers who take care of their own pool during the season. This service includes everything above (except the cleaning of the interior of the pool)

Hot Tubs and Water Features
We are able to open your spa by itself or along with your pool.

Cover Storage
This service includes cleaning and storage of your pool cover(s). We will bring your cover(s) back to our shop, safely store and clean them with detergent. We will also inspect them for holes and recommend replacement if needed.

Acid Wash
If your pool’s surface is stained or looking dingy then sign up for our acid wash service. We will drain your pool and clean the surface using a light acid/water mixture.

*Outside water and electric must be turned on prior to your pool opening date. If we are unable to complete your pool opening because they were not turned on, then there will be an extra service charge for us to return and complete the opening

Full Weekly Cleaning Service:
– Hose pool deck with high-pressure nozzle

– Clean tile with brush and cleaner
– Skim debris from water surface
– Empty skimmer baskets
– Vacuum debris from pool
– Test and treat water for proper chemical balance
– Backwash filter and clean pump basket
– Inspect pool equipment
– Leave a card explaining services performed

Additional Weekly Service Options:
– Twice weekly cleaning service

– Bi-weekly vacuum service
– Hot tubs are an additional charge

*Chemicals are not included in the cost of the above services.

Weekly Pool Check Service:
– Skim debris from water surface
– Empty skimmer baskets
– Test and treat water for proper chemical balance
– Backwash filter and clean pump basket
– Inspect pool equipment
– Leave a card explaining services performed

Additional Weekly Pool Check Options:
– Bi-weekly pool check service
– Hot tubs are an additional charge

*Chemicals are not included in the cost of the above services

Cover Cleaning and Water Removal Service:
During the winter months, the weather can be unpredictable. One thing we know for sure is that we will get either rain or snow. If you have a safety cover, your pool will fill up water. Draining your pool will keep the water off your tile preventing tile damage due to freezing. If you have a regular tarp cover, it will fill up with water and debris. This stagnates water on top of your cover can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Winter Filter Special
Maintaining your filters media is important for keeping your water crystal clear through the swim season. We will perform all manufacturers recommended maintenance procedures:

– Remove and clean filter elements
– Replace sand
-Lubricate all internal parts and inspect for damage

NOTE: Replacement media and parts are extra

Winter Water Maintenance 
– 1 or 3 Visit Options Available
Proper chemistry is crucial to preventing damage to your pool surface. The plasterers’ council recommends this service be performed once a month during the winter.

– Pull back cover and test chemical balance
-Add necessary chemicals
– Replace any broken water tubes

NOTE: Chemicals and water tubes are extra

Salt Generator Cell Maintenance
Generators require twice a year maintenance to remove scale build-up and keep the cells working properly.

– Remove cell from plumbing
– Soak in special cleaning solution
– Use water pressure nozzle to gently wash away debris and reinstall
– Heater Maintenance
– Perform all manufacturers’ preventive maintenance and do system diagnosis to insure proper operation during swim season.
– Open heater and remove all debris
– Clean out burner tray
– Diagnostic check and gas pressure supply check

Cleaning & Maintenance Brochure

Opening & Closing Brochure

Closing & Maintenance Brochure

Pool Care Basics

Building and maintaining a swimming pool can seem overwhelming. However, a crystal-clear pool and avoiding problematic algae growth can be achieved with attention to circulation, cleaning, and chemistry. The key is establishing a routine and taking early action if you notice discoloration, cloudy water, scaling, or other signs of trouble. These responsibilities are overwhelming so let our service department take care of all the hard work for you!

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