Pool Design

During the design phase, our designers work with you every step of the way to ensure your pool area meets your needs and harmonizes with your backyard setting. Through the use of CAD drawings and 3D model fly-throughs, this phase gives you the first glimpse of your dream pool and how it would integrate with your existing or future home while aligning with your vision and budget.

Phases of Design

    • Contact The Pool Specialists to schedule an initial site meeting.
    • Discuss the preliminary design ideas & project concerns with homeowner.
    • Obtain up-to-date survey of the property.

    • Designers will input their field measurements and survey into the computer.
    • Initial design incorporating desired pool specifications delivered within two or three weeks following the initial meeting.
    • Once the design is reviewed by the homeowner, the designers revise the drawings according to the homeowner’s feedback.
    • The project proposal is then composed based on the latest revised pool design.
    • A showroom meeting is then scheduled at our office located at 11766 Missouri Bottom Rd. Hazelwood, MO 63042.

    • Review the latest design & proposal with the homeowner.
    • Showcase and discuss material selections for project.
    • Finalize any desired changes to the pool design & proposal.

    • Update the pool design & proposal from the showroom meeting and deliver to the homeowner.
    • Homeowner to review the final pool design & proposal.
    • Request homeowner submit material selection for coping, tile, & interior pool finish.
    • Compose contract upon homeowner approval.
    • Submit plans for trustee approval.
    • Plans signed and sealed by licensed professional
    • Submit applications & plans to municipality
    • Locate & paint location of pool in rear yard
    • Pool equipment & material selections confirmed and ordered
    • Schedule pre-construction site meeting upon permit approval
    • Confirm pool location, design & material selections prior to site meeting with project manager
    • Discuss logistics at site meeting with homeowner and project manager

Latest Pool Designs

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The Pool Specialists take pride in the custom pools we design and build for our clients. Our team of designers and builders are in constant communication with our project managers to maximize efficiency and streamline workflow. Our designers work with you every step of the way to answer questions and ensure your desires are met while our team of builders is consistently recognized for their quality construction and customer service, all of which help explain why the Pool Specialists are St. Louis’ leading pool company.