Pool Design

During the design phase, our designers work with you every step of the way to ensure your pool area meets your needs and harmonizes with your backyard setting. Through the use of CAD drawings and 3D model fly-throughs, this phase gives you the first glimpse of your dream pool and how it would integrate with your existing or future home while aligning with your vision and budget.

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Phases of Design

    • Contact The Pool Specialists to schedule an initial site meeting.
    • Discuss the preliminary design ideas & project concerns with homeowner.
    • Obtain up-to-date survey of the property.


    • Designers will input their field measurements and survey into the computer.
    • Initial design incorporating desired pool specifications delivered within two or three weeks following the initial meeting.
    • Once the design is reviewed by the homeowner, the designers revise the drawings according to the homeowner’s feedback.
    • The project proposal is then composed based on the latest revised pool design.
    • A showroom meeting is then scheduled at our office located at 11766 Missouri Bottom Rd. Hazelwood, MO 63042.


    • Review the latest design & proposal with the homeowner.
    • Showcase and discuss material selections for project.
    • Finalize any desired changes to the pool design & proposal.


    • Update the pool design & proposal from the showroom meeting and deliver to the homeowner.
    • Homeowner to review the final pool design & proposal.
    • Request homeowner submit material selection for coping, tile, & interior pool finish.
    • Compose contract upon homeowner approval.
    • Submit plans for trustee approval.
    • Plans signed and sealed by licensed professional
    • Submit applications & plans to municipality
    • Locate & paint location of pool in rear yard
    • Pool equipment & material selections confirmed and ordered
    • Schedule pre-construction site meeting upon permit approval
    • Confirm pool location, design & material selections prior to site meeting with project manager
    • Discuss logistics at site meeting with homeowner and project manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to browse our website to gather which features pique your interest, the process involved in designing a pool and then contact our sales/design department to schedule an appointment for us to come visit your home or property.

During our visit, we will ask questions to find out how you intend to use your pool. We will show you the many styles and options that are available and ask about your budget to make sure we give you our professional advice on how to go the most from your investment. From there, we will have your yard measured and photographed and then return to prepare our initial design recommendations. When the design is ready, we will return to your home and present you with our ideas for your new outdoor environment.

The Pool Specialists have been standing by our products for close to 30 years. We are confident in the pools we build and we offer a warranty that backs it up.

While the primary elements of a swimming pool construction project are consistent from one plan to another, there are a great variety of options that can affect the costs and there are numerous features that can be included. In addition, there are a number of swimming pool contractors in the St. Louis area and not every contractor utilizes the same estimating process.

To help you better understand why there are variations in the prices for in ground swimming pools, you should consider that the price is determined not just by the size of the pool, but also by the quality of materials and construction as well as the complexity of the design and whether the contractor includes all aspects of construction in its price estimate.

Many pool contractors are inexperienced with certain site situations and therefore bring in their bids lower to win the job and then add the numerous “cost overruns” after construction starts. While every pool builder faces some uncertainty with the costs to prepare the hole for the pool (due to rock, sinkholes, etc) many also do not factor in essential elements like deck caulking, systems integration, and safety features.

As a custom pool builder severing the St. Louis region with close to 30 years experience, we are able to design a pool for most yards. We have extensive knowledge of building on hillsides and would be able to give a professional analysis of your site.

We specialize in building custom concrete pools as concrete is the most versatile and longest lasting construction material available. Like any custom construction project, costs will vary significantly depending on a number of variables. These include the size of the pool, the land modifications required, the size of the surface deck, and the other construction elements you choose. Custom features like built-in hot tubs, water features, vanishing edges, patios and pool houses will also have a significant impact on the costs.

Given the large number of variables, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you and discuss all the possibilities.

On average, you will spend approximately 20 minutes a week maintaining your pool. A few items you will attend to will be emptying the skimmer basket, testing the water chemistry and adding the chlorine tablets to the chlorinator. We also have a complete pool service department that offers opening, closing, and weekly cleaning and chemical treatments during the season.

Choosing the right contractor to build your pool is a very important decision and we know that over the years we have faced competition from a number of other pool companies. The Pool Specialists has remained one of the leading swimming pool builders in the St. Louis region for over 25 years with a majority of our design and service work through word of mouth.

New Pool Questionnaire

The Pool Specialists take pride in the custom pools we design and build for our clients. Our team of designers and builders are in constant communication with our project managers to maximize efficiency and streamline workflow. Our designers work with you every step of the way to answer questions and ensure your desires are met while our team of builders is consistently recognized for their quality construction and customer service, all of which help explain why the Pool Specialists are St. Louis’ leading pool company.

Let us build your dream pool!

Thank you for considering the Pool Specialists to design and build your custom in-ground pool. Take a few moments to fill out the questionnaire and a member from our design team will contact you to schedule a date and time to meet and take measurements.

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