Pool & Spa Designs

The Pool Specialists have built a wide variety of pools and spas in the St. Louis region. Each project is perfectly tailored to meet or exceed the desires of our customers. Whether it is a traditional pool with clean edges and customized features or a free-form pool that compliments the natural landscape around your home, The Pool Specialists will provide the pool of your dreams. The sections below showcase designs of freeform and traditional pools, as well as, spas and add-on features typically found on the gorgeous pools designed by The Pool Specialists all across St. Louis:


Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are organic in shape allowing for a more natural look. There are virtually limitless possibilities when choosing a shape. Landscaping and boulder surrounds can greatly compliment the aesthetic of the freeform pool as well.

Traditional Pools

Traditional pools are often rectangular with clean, straight edges. In addition to being a nice place to relax and cool off, traditional pools can add much-needed visual interest to your yard — colorful tiles, lighting, and various water features can help personalize your pool.

Spas & Hot Tubs

We offer portable hot tubs which can be placed on the patio or sunk partially into the ground with a stone or brick masonry exterior to create the look of a concrete, in-ground spa. We also construct concrete spas which perfectly match your pool and can be designed to virtually any shape or size.

Features & Add-ons

The Pool Specialists offers an extensive list of finishes and add-on pool features such as fountains, tanning shelves, foam jets, and more that bring a personal touch to your pool. Below are a few pool add-ons we offer: