Personalized Approach

The Pool Specialists began as a service company in 1989. Built on a strong foundation of customer service, the company has since evolved into the premier pool builder and service company in the St. Louis area. Our commitment to the customer remains unparalleled, and it comes through in each of our projects.

Expertise and Professionalism

The Pool Specialists continue to create custom high-quality pools with over 25 years of pool construction expertise. Our service does not end once your pool is built, we continue to stay in contact with our customers and service their pools to ensure their investment is well maintained.

Insured and Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on delivering each and every project on time and within budget.  We provide our clients with support and guidance every step of the way, from conceptual design to the finishing touches.


A beautifully designed pool is only as enjoyable as it’s construction quality. The Pool Specialists is consistently recognized for our superior level of swimming pool construction. Even more impressive is our ability to construct a pool to meet our customer’s needs and on their desired completion date. On average, our construction process can have you enjoying your pool in as little as 3 to 6 weeks depending on several factors, of course. Below is a list outlining the systematic steps we take in creating your custom designed pool.

Pool Design

We start the design process by asking general information about their desired pool such as shape, size and depth. We then ask which pool and landscaping features they would like implemented into the initial design. We have the capability to create 3-D models of your design before we begin construction.  These models allow you to see all the elements of your pool design as they integrate to your existing or future home and backyard. At this stage, you can make revisions and improvements as necessary. Upon approval of your design, we use this layout and create detailed engineering drawings before moving on to the layout process.


This next stage is the first in the construction of your custom designed pool by the Pool Specialists. We take the dimensions of the pool design & engineering drawings, and lay it out onto the proposed site area. This provides an ideal opportunity to see the outlines of the actual size and shape of the pool and allows you to visualize and make any changes to the size and location of the pool before we actually break ground with excavation.


Once the layout stage is complete we then proceed to excavating the grass, underlying soil, and rock in order to prepare the site for the pool construction. Access by heavy machinery is important to consider depending on your site’s accessibility.

Forming & Steel

Steel and wood are used to outline the shape and structure of your custom pool. This serves as the framework for a pool scape with high structural integrity. Before we start spraying the shell of your pool, all of the electrical and plumbing need to be places.

Electrical & Plumbing

Once we install all the plumbing and electrical components an inspection is called in to obtain approval before moving forward. We always ensure that the plumbing is pressure tested and the electrical meets the necessary city and state codes.

Gunite Application

A team of experienced personnel apply the gunite using high-pressure hoses to create the tough inner shell of your new pool. Your pool design will start to become realized after the gunite concrete is applied and worked onto the forming structure revealing your dream pool’s final size and shape.

Tile & Coping

Pool construction and design has a wonderful selection available of natural stone tiles, slates, ceramics, and mosaics. The pool coping can be crafted from natural stone or an assortment of other materials.

Masonry & Stone

Our masons have a tremendous amount of pride in their craft. Our project managers help monitor quality control during the installation process to ensure that the work that is done is flawless and built to last.


The perimeter area surrounding your pool can be just as important aesthetically as the pool design and color itself. There are a variety of surfaces that are implemented here based on your design from the Sundek material or custom stone. If your design includes add-ons such as outdoor fireplaces, firepits, fountains, outdoor kitchens they will be addressed at this stage.


Our team of trusted plasterers move in to coat the pool shell with a durable, non-slip surface. It is blown onto the gunite and requires a quick, experienced and hard working crew to smooth the surface to assure a beautiful finish. This finish offers a refined texture and is  available in a wide range of colors. The pool is then immediately filled with water following the application.


In order to meet building requirements a fence must be installed around your pool for safety reasons. This is typically the final step in the construction process. Setback requirements may limit your fence location and often vary from municipality to municipality. Our team of designers coordinate and adhere to meet all codes and requirements.

Start-up & Training

Quite often a first time pool owner can feel overwhelmed by the initial start-up and maintenance of the pool. We provide every homeowner with the necessary training on how to use the controls of the pool equipment, plus a complimentary manual that explains in great detail how to easily care for your pool. In addition, our service dept. is available to answer any questions you have regarding the care of your pool and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Get Started?

We encourage you browse our website to gather which features pique your interest, the process involved in designing a pool and then contact our sales/design department to schedule an appointment for us to come visit your home or property.

During our visit, we will ask questions to find out how you intend to use your pool. We will show you the many styles and options that are available and ask about your budget to make sure we give you our professional advice on how to go the most from your investment. From there, we will have your yard measured and photographed and then return to prepare our initial design recommendations. When the design is ready, we will return to your home and present you with our ideas for your new outdoor environment.

Are Your Pools Backed by a Warranty?

The Pool Specialists have been standing by our products for close to 30 years. We are confident in the pools we build and we offer a warranty that backs it up.

Why Do Cost Estimates Vary So Much?

While the primary elements of a swimming pool construction project are consistent from one plan to another, there are a great variety of options that can affect the costs and there are numerous features that can be included. In addition, there are a number of swimming pool contractors in the St. Louis area and not every contractor utilizes the same estimating process.

To help you better understand why there are variations in the prices for in ground swimming pools, you should consider that the price is determined not just by the size of the pool, but also by the quality of materials and construction as well as the complexity of the design and whether the contractor includes all aspects of construction in its price estimate.

Many pool contractors are inexperienced with certain site situations and therefore bring in their bids lower to win the job and then add the numerous “cost overruns” after construction starts. While every pool builder faces some uncertainty with the costs to prepare the hole for the pool (due to rock, sinkholes, etc) many also do not factor in essential elements like deck caulking, systems integration, and safety features.

Will Certain Factors On My Property Prohibit Us Building a Pool?

As a custom pool builder severing the St. Louis region with close to 30 years experience, we are able to design a pool for most yards. We have extensive knowledge of building on hillsides and would be able to give a professional analysis of your site.

How Much Does a Custom Pool Cost?

We specialize in building custom concrete pools as concrete is the most versatile and longest lasting construction material available. Like any custom construction project, costs will vary significantly depending on a number of variables. These include the size of the pool, the land modifications required, the size of the surface deck, and the other construction elements you choose. Custom features like built-in hot tubs, water features, vanishing edges, patios and pool houses will also have a significant impact on the costs.

Given the large number of variables, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you and discuss all the possibilities.

How Difficult is Maintaining a Pool?

On average, you will spend approximately 20 minutes a week maintaining your pool. A few items you will attend to will be emptying the skimmer basket, testing the water chemistry and adding the chlorine tablets to the chlorinator. We also have a complete pool service department that offers opening, closing, and weekly cleaning and chemical treatments during the season.

How Do I Choose the Right Pool Builder?

Choosing the right contractor to build your pool is a very important decision and we know that over the years we have faced competition from a number of other pool companies. The Pool Specialists has remained one of the leading swimming pool builders in the St. Louis region for over 25 years with a majority of our design and service work through word of mouth.